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Get Involved!

TCNJ has several student lead programs as that you can join to help create a safer campus environment, spread awareness about important topics, and getting others involved in the conversation about today’s topics.


Green Dot Program

Learn more about an organization built on the premise that we can measurably and systematically reduce violence within any given community. Visit our Green Dot Program Page to learn more


Bystander Intervention Tips

Prevention methods which students, staff and faculty can utilize to address concerns of sexual violence and relationship violence.

Risk Reduction Tips

Sexual violence, dating violence, and stalking is never the victim’s fault. Get tips to recognize patterns that can help you reduce the risk of victimization and assault.

If you have any questions about information on this website please contact the Title IX Coordinator, Jordan Draper, at


Every Choice & Clarifying Consent online programs are due by October 7, 2019Access Program