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Title IX Student Advisory Committee


We recognize that many members of our campus community may be searching for a way to be increasingly involved in efforts to reduce sexual violence on our campus, especially considering the current climate following the release of the new Title IX Final Rule. As such, the Office of Title IX & Sexual Misconduct is currently inviting students to participate on the TCNJ Title IX Student Advisory Committee (SAC) for the 2020-2021 year.


For those interested in focusing on this work, we invite you to join the Student Advisory Committee through the button below.

Join the Title IX SAC


View committee objectives text version.



Advisory Board Charges & Outcomes for Fall 2020:



Increase engagement with the Office of Title IX & Sexual Misconduct’s social media by reaching 3,000 followers on Instagram by the end of Fall 2020 As of 8/30/20 ​we had​ 2,162 followers. As of 12/14/20, we have 2,451 followers. Overall net gain of 289 followers. While we did not specifically achieve our goal…YET, that is still 289 more people that we’ve been able to connect with that we weren’t able to prior, which can make the world of difference.


Meaningfully interact with at least 20 different campus community members each month through various means such as, in-person (virtual) events, workshops, sessions, etc. During the Fall, we interacted with at MINIMUM 166 students through presentations/workshops for student organizations. This does not include trainings/workshops for faculty/staff offered through our Office, nor does it include the interactions we’ve had with students when presenting during academic courses, or when collaborating with students 1:1 who may also be connected with various organizations (i.e. Student Government, e-boards of fraternities/sororities, etc.).


Connect with at least 10 separate academic courses to provide overview of the Office of Title IX & Sexual Misconduct. Presented to students in over five different academic courses.


Collaborate with 5-10 student organizations on campus to spread awareness of students’ rights/options ​& disseminate information about the Office & resources​ we can provide​. Over the course of the semesters, we connected with OVER 18 student organizations through various large group campus initiatives and individual training/workshops/collaboration – 8 of which were on an individual basis.


Members of the Title IX Student Advisory Committee:

  • Julianna August  ’23
  • Gwen Bernick  ’23
  • Melanie Cohen  ’21
  • Hannah Donner  ’20
  • Mayada Farraj  ’23
  • Yanaja Joyner  ’21
  • Nicole Levi  ’21
  • Helene Lewis  ’21
  • Kyra Makowsky  ’22
  • Olivia Ortelli  ’21
  • Sophie Paslowsky  ’22
  • Nikita Pate  ’21
  • Anika Pruthi  ’22
  • Allison Russell  ’22
  • Alisha Srivastava  ’22
  • Kiana Stockwell  ’21
  • Michael Trerotola  ’21
  • Jessica Willox ’22

For any questions or concerns, please contact the Title IX Coordinator, Chelsea Jacoby, directly at or (609) 771-3112.


The Office of Title IX & Sexual Misconduct
Brower Student Center, Room 202
The College of New Jersey
P.O. Box 7718
2000 Pennington Rd.
Ewing, NJ 08628

Office Staff